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Boxing School Review

Boxing School is an app designed by Raptor Claw Games. Boxing School was first published on . Boxing School is available on the following platforms: Steam.

In Boxing School you become a boxing manager in the 80s. You’ll hire the boxers, teach them to fight and climb the ranks.

Choose your teachings and training.

Your boxers have unique fighting styles and skills. Do you want to teach non-stop swarmer aggression or a slower boxer style with more punching power? Or maybe you just want your boxer to be able to counter-attack and prey on opponent's mistakes. Choose between a variety of fighting styles and skills.

Pick the right fighters.

Scouting the world for hidden gems is all the more satisfying when you find a potential new champion that hits like a truck and wish to become the future of boxing.

Choose tactics and strategy.

Manage your fighters between rounds to gain the edge on your rivals in the ring. Do you want your boxer to go for early KO and risk to run out of gas or play it more safe and wait for the right moment to strike when the opponent is tired.

Key Features:

  • Hire boxers and manage their career from beginner to star.
  • Discover 4 different classes with unique fighting styles and skills.
  • Customize your boxers outfit, nickname and branding.
  • Arrange fights, promotional events and sign sponsorship deals.
  • Scout new candidates with active potential rating system.
  • Hire veteran, expert or master staff to assist with training.
  • Buy, upgrade and manage gym equipment.
  • Coach your boxers in the ring, adjust your tactics between rounds.
  • Level up as a boxing manager and gain new insight and knowledge.
  • Promote your boxers and gain worldwide fans or even fanclubs.
  • Earn the right to challenge the champion himself for the title belt.

Boxing School

4.5 / 5

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Author: Raptor Claw Games
Size: 2 GB available space

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